How do we replace fear with trust?

Fear is a state of human mind.
It helps all of us to keep life: just think about our ancestors when they feared fire, for instance. They acted like that as they consciously and unconsciously knew that fire could have damage them.
And the same reasoning could be done if we speak about our inner fears (for example the fear of trusting someone and from whom we can be hurt). But… when we talk about this typology of fears, we can face them with knowledge and rationality, in order to change them into trust.
It is actually true that fire can burn, isn’t it? But with the power of knowledge we also undoubtedly know that fire can help us in a lot of things: fire becomes a friend of us. It holds heat, it can be used to produce energy, it illuminates!
Well, with reasoning we trust that fire is not that bad at all!

I think we can replace fear with trust, using our rationality, our critical spirit. Using the power of our minds we can convert fear, by looking the things from other points of view.
And look at things from different points of view, perhaps, is it not exploring?



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